HSE Management Policy

We are now making every effort to secure competitiveness for survival and to improve our corporate structure amid rapidly changing domestic and international markets.

In these challenging times, while we need to develop new technologies and produce high-quality products, it is also equally important to eliminate factors that weaken productivity and quality, such as industrial accidents.

Our society is becoming more and more industrialized, along with the growth of the national interest, companies’ social responsibility and workers’ awareness. So, matters concerning Safety, Health and the Environment must be dealt with as part of the management’s efforts to avoid losses.

Most of today's industrial accidents are caused by human factors rather than by facility problems or unavoidable causes. Therefore, we are closely paying attention to changing our attitude toward accident prevention.

Actually, no matter how hard a company carries out facility improvements, having an accident-free workplace is difficult to achieve if either supervisors fail to comply with the company's safety policy or if workers do not take safety and health measures in their own hands.